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Fish SPA in Albufeira

Fish Spa or ichthyotherapy is a 100% natural treatment that uses Garra Rufa fish for cleaning skin wounds or for other skin treatments.
Massage, exfoliate and relax.

A unique experience for your feet with Fish SPA

The ictiotherapy consists in an unique treatment, for well-being and beauty, treating the skin pathologies in and effective and secure way, thanks to the garra rufa fish, known as "doctor fish", originally from Turkey. There fish are used worldwide to treat several dermatological problems as psoriasis, eczema and callus. Submerging your skin in our SPA, the little GARRA RUFA, specie without teeth, which task is the suction of skin dead cells, leaving your skin clean and healty.

The best thing about these fish is not only the ability to remove the dead skin, but also the ability to produce and spread an enzyme, the anthracene, regenerating the skin.

These enzymes are exclusively produced by the GARRA RUFA genuine fish. Also the impulses and micro suction of the "fish therapist" on your body, stimulates the acupuncture points and accelerate the blood circulation. Ictiotherapy is a relaxing and pleasant treatment that realizes a NATURAL and REJUVENATING peeling, leaving your skin clean, soft and new.

Its an unique experience that nature offers us!

Zensation Massagem Relaxante

15 min Fish spa

Enjoy 15 minutes of Fish Spa treatment.

30 min fish spa

Enjoy 30 minutes of the Fish Spa treatment.

15 min fish spa + Foot massage

Relaxing massage after 15 minutes of Fish Spa with application of special moisturizing cream containing healing enzymes from the fish.

Fish Spa for Children

Children up to the age of 12 receive a Fish Spa treatment at a special price.

Robotherapy (15 and 30 minutes)

Foot massage performed by a robot that stimulates/massages specific points and promotes a quick and effective relaxation.
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Fish Spa Prices

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Fish Spa

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