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An unique and relaxing experience of sensations.
Zensation has a full range of massages, choose the one that bests addapts to you.

Back, shoulder and neck Massage

Excellent for relaxation, tension relief and back pain

Flash Relax Massage

Back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and head massage. Focuses on the areas of greatest tension, thus providing a sense of well-being and relaxation

Tired Legs Massage

Combats fatigue in the legs, toning and strengthening them. Excellent for treating cramps and poor circulation. Includes foot massage.

Full Body Massage

Relaxing massage, which relieves tension/pain, activates blood circulation, and promotes a sense of relaxation of body and mind.
Zensation Massagem Relaxante
Zensation Massagem Corpo Completo

Zensation Signature Massage

Back/neck/upper limbs massage, relaxing body, and mind. Followed by a shiatsu facial massage that improves blood circulation, oxygenation, and skin tone, attenuating wrinkles. Pamper yourself with this zensational ritual, a moment all of your own, that relaxes and rejuvenates. (Excellent gift voucher idea).

Candle Massage

Relaxing full body massage. The oil resulting from the heated candle promotes a unique experience of essential aromas and sensations. Moisturises and nourishes the skin.

Foot reflexology

Foot massage, which treats the body as a whole, through pressure on specific points corresponding to the organs and systems of the whole body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic and deep muscle massage, ideal for those who exercise, or who like an invigorating massage with pressure. Treats sore muscles, postural problems, and injuries. It is common after the massage for there to be some muscle sensitivity for 2 days afterwards.

Lymphatic Drainage

It is a gentle but very effective treatment that helps the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and swelling. Combats fluid retention, prevents migraines, sinusitis, and hay fever.
Zensation Massagem para Bebés
Zensation Massagem Linfática

Baby/Child Massage

Gentle and relaxing massage for children of any age. Parents may attend. They receive a diploma of "First Massage".

Massage for pregnant women

Massage performed in a position of comfort, adapted to the needs of each woman, ideal for relieving common discomforts in pregnancy, relaxing body, and mind.

Bamboo therapy

Full body therapeutic massage, with bamboo canes. Works on shaping, flabbiness, muscle pain, promoting relaxation and muscle revitalization at the same time.

Hot Stone Massage

Full body massage in a combination of heated volcanic stones with muscle tension relieving massage techniques. Relieves pain/stiffness, improves blood circulation. Relaxing and Therapeutic.

Therapeutic Massage

Full body massage with a specific focus and application of hot towels on the points of greatest accumulated tension. A muscle balm is used in this massage as well as suction cups, which promote the elimination of contractures caused by day-to-day stress.

Slimming Massage

Localised massage, done by sliding suction cups.
Zensation Massagem Aromaterapia

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An unique and relaxing experience of sensations. Zensation has a full range of massages, choose the one that bests addapts to you.

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